domingo, junho 12, 2005

Ai Portugal Portugal!

A gang of 500 black youth signaled the entry of Europe in the phase of Mass beach muggings, June 10, 2005.More than five thousand robbed. The beach was under total control of the gang for more than two hours.
Only "sensationalist" news allowed to report.
The only english language newspaper in Europe to print some lines on this unprecedented event was the Sunday Mirror.Notice no word about who were those 500 people.BTW, in 1960 black were less than 0.5 pct of the population of Great Lisbon.Now they are more than 20 pct. Increasing exponentially.
HUNDREDS of teenage muggers stormed a packed beach stealing from sunseekers in a mass "steaming" attack.Five police officers were injured and a bar owner was taken to hospital with head wounds when around 500 youngsters invaded the beach near Lisbon, Portugal.Several tourists, including British holidaymakers, were treated for shock.Armed riot police had to be called in to beat back the attackers after they fought pitched battles with local officers.The attack at Carcavelos Beach - near England soccer boss Sven Goran Eriksson's holiday home - left authorities stunned.Mass beach muggings by "steaming" gangs have taken place in Brazil but are unprecedented on this scale in Portugal.Police chief Goncalves Pereira said: "Officers had to use batons and fire shots into the air to bring the situation under control."

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